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Classes available at Parlingua begin anytime, at any level and consist of variety of lessons for individuals and groups.

Level - beginner to advanced

Whether you want to learn French or Polish from scratch to reach a higher level or you can speak it already and aiming to improve your conversational skills, we will assess you and suggest the right level.


There are many options to choose from when studying French or Polish:

Common entrance preparation

The common entrance French or Polish revision with Parlingua will help to prepare pupils for the entry to independent senior schools. Please refer to the websites below for more information about Common Entrance Examinations:

GCSE revision

The students who wish to improve sitting their French or Polish GCSE exams are welcome to revise and receive our language support. For more information about GCSE revision click on the pages below:

A–level revision

These classes concentrate on raising level of French and Polish skills that students need to pass their A-level exams. We focus specifically on conversation and getting confident with various grammar points.

Area of language

Learners may have different reasons to study French or Polish language. We offer a variety of classes combining language refreshers, holiday classes, general, conversation or grammar. The selection you make should meet your needs, learning style and circumstances.

Tuition programme

We provide tailor-made programmes to individually meet our clients’ needs and expectations and follow it using French and Polish communicative methods and techniques. We pay individual attention to each client.


Classes take place on our clients’ premises and lessons start anytime during the week or for more flexibility, can be arranged at the weekend.

Why not contact us to discuss your class requirements?


Great value packages when booking any private language lessons with us

  • Competitive prices
  • Variety of French courses&Polish courses to suit learners' interests and language requirements
  • Christmas break French language revision / Polish language revision
  • French GCSE / French A-level exam preparation
  • Beginner - advanced level
  • Offer details ...